Nottingham Forest’s offer for striker backed up by two sources – Club ‘reluctant’ to accept it

The Portuguese media is today again reporting Nottingham Forest’s attempt to sign Benfica striker Gonçalo Ramos.

This time, it’s outlet Mais Futebol and journalist Bruno Andrade who both come up with the same information. They say the Reds placed a bid of over €30m for the player.

The website, however, claims that the offer isn’t enough to convince Benfica for now, with the Eagles being ‘a little reluctant’ to accept it. Meanwhile, the reporter highlights that there’s competition for the signing, with other English clubs interested in the 21-year-old as well.

Earlier this week, the Portuguese media had already reported that Nottingham Forest had offered €30m for the player. Now it isn’t clear if those sources only managed to learn that information now, or if this bid worth ‘over’ €30m means the Reds made a second attempt for the signing.

Either way, it still sounds like it will take a few million more to take Ramos out of Benfica, who are well known for being one of the best negotiators in European football. Some stories this week already said the request is €45m.


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