Shakur Stevenson Stops Yoshino In Newark!

At the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Saturday over ESPN+ and ESPN Saturday, Bob Arum (Top Rank) in the Main Event former WBC World and WBO World Super Featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson stopped previously unbeaten WBO Asia Pacific champion Shuichiro Yoshino in six rounds.

In the Main Event former WBC & WBO Super Feather champ southpaw WBC No. 3 ranked Shakur Stevenson, 20-0 (10), #134.4, of Alexandria, VA, stopped WBC No. 4 ranked Shuichiro Yoshino, 16-1 (12), #135, of Tokyo, JAP, at 1:35 of the sixth round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

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In the second round Stevenson dropped Yoshino with a left on the chin for an 8-count from Referee Allen Huggins in the final minute of the round. In the third through the fifth rounds Stevenson dominated. In the sixth round a left uppercut on the chest from Stevenson hurt Yoshino when Referee Allen Huggins wisely called a halt to the mismatch.

Light Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis, 8-0 (6), #134.2, of Norfolk, VA, stopped southpaw Anthony Yigit, 26-3-1 (10), #134.8, of Stockholm, SW, at 0:21 of the ninth round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds each had their moments with Yigit throwing more but Davis more accurate. In the third round Yigit landed a low blow in the final seconds as Referee Benjy Esteves gave Davis a rest. In the fourth rounds halfway point Davis hurt Yigit with a right on the chin.

In the fifth rounds final seconds Davis had Yigit in trouble at the bell from a combination to the head. In the eighth round Davis knocked out the mouthpiece of Yigit having him all but down. In the closing seconds Davis had Yigit all but stopped when a right hook to the body dropped Higit who was bleeding from the nose taking an 8-count from

Referee Esteves but was saved by the bell.

In the ninth round Davis came out firing punches without return when Referee Esteves wisely called a halt.

Heavy WBC No. 11 ranked Jared “Big Baby” Anderson, 14-0 (14), #27.4, of Toledo, OH, stopped George Arias, 18-1 (7), #236.6, of DR and Bronx, NY, after 3 rounds of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds it was all Anderson driving Arias all over the ring. In the third round Anderson landed punch after punch to the head of Arias was just about out on his feet as he wobbled back to his corner with a cut on his left eyelid at the end of the round when the ring physician examined him. Referee was David Fields.

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Olympian Middle Troy “Transformer” Isley, 9-0 (4), #159.2, of Alexandria, VA, defeated Roy Barringer, 9-4 (6), #157.8, of Toledo, OH, over 8 rounds.

In the first two rounds Isley had an edge. In the third’s halfway point he landed a hard right on the chin of Barringer. In the fourth round Isley rocked Barringer with a right to the chin a minute into the round.

The fifth through the eighth Isley continued out landing Barringer.

Referee Charlie Fitch.

Scores were 79-73 and 80-72 twice as did this writer.

Heavy Damian “Polish Hussar” Knyba, 11-0 (7), #258.2, of Wudzyn, POL, stopped Curtis “The Hurt” Harker, 14-9 (9), #267.6, of Clarksville, TN, at 2:38 of the eighth and final round.

In the first round Knyba used an effective jab and hurting Harker with occasional rights to the chin. Referee Harvey Dock took a point from Harker for hitting on the break. In the third round Knyba the taller of the two kept that jab working taking another round. In the fourth round Knyba was cut on the left eyebrow from an overhand right from Harper. Knyba had Harper hurt in the final minute with a right on the chin.

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In the fifth round Harper had his moments landing overhand rights. In the eighth and final round’s final seconds Knyba landed close to ten unanswered punches Referee Dock called a halt.

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Feather Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington, 7-0 (4), #126.4, of Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, knocked out Brandon Chambers, 9-1-1 (5), #125.6, of Gwyn Oak, MD, at 2:46 of round two of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first round Carrington was all over Chambers chasing him down. In the second round Carrington drew blood from the nose of Chambers. Carrington later landed a flurry of punches dropping Chambers to his knees taking the full count from Referee Harvey Dock.

Welter southpaw Kelvin “Night Night” Davis, 8-0 (5), #142 ¼, of Norfolk, VA, defeated Nelson “Baby Face” Morales, 3-5 (0), #142 ¾, of DR and Scranton, PA, over 6 rounds.

In the first 2 rounds the taller southpaw Davis was the aggressor using a good jab easily outpointing Morales. In the third round Davis drew blood from the nose of Morales with a solid left.

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In the fourth round Morales came back well, being more aggressive. In the fifth round both boxers received warnings from Referee Charlie Fitch. Morales for coming in low and holding while Davis for leading down on him when he comes in low. In the sixth and final round Davis landed good uppercuts to the chin causing Morales to clinch.

Scores were 60-54 twice and 59-55 as did this writer.

Welter Antoine “No Question” Cobb, 1-0-3 (1), #143 ¼, of Chicago, ended it a majority draw with southpaw Jaylan “No Playin” Phillips, 1-2-3 (1), #142 ¼, of Ebro, FL, over 4 rounds.

In the first round Phillips suffered a cut on his fight eyebrow. In the second round southpaw Phillips came back well by out landing Cobb to even the score. In the third round Phillips continues to chase Cobb taking a close round.

In the fourth and final round Cobb moves well countering Phillips until a minute remaining when Phillips rocked him with a left hook.

Referee Charlie Fitch. In his 5 fights Phillips has fought 4 unbeaten and 1 debuting opponents.

Scores were 40-36, 38-38 twice as did this writer.


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