Morocco arrests ‘red notice’ Uyghur activist

The authorities in Morocco have confirmed the arrest of Uyghur activist Yidiresi Aishan (also known as Idris Hasan).

He was detained on his arrival in the North Africa nation from the Turkish city of Istanbul last week.

The Moroccan security services said that the Chinese national was detained at Casablanca airport because of a “red notice” from Interpol.

China was seeking his extradition for belonging to a terrorist organisation, Moroccan officials said.

His wife first broke the news about his arrest, posting a call on Twitter for help:

Uyghur activists say he has been arrested for denouncing the Chinese government’s oppression of the mostly Muslim Uyghur minority group – as part of a wider campaign to hunt down suspected dissidents abroad.

They have been calling on social media for the deportation to be stopped as they say his life will be in danger.

The 33-year-old computer engineer is a father of three and has been living in Turkey since 2012.

He also works for an online Uyghur newspaper.


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