US urges thorough probe into Egyptian critic’s death

The US is calling for a “thorough, transparent and credible investigation without delay” over the death in custody of an Egyptian researcher Ayman Hadhoud.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday that the US was deeply disturbed by reports of his alleged torture while in detention.

He said his government had continued to urge Egypt to make human rights protection a priority.

Egypt’s Public Prosecution office last month ruled that Mr Hadhoud’s death was not the result of any crime.

It said a post-mortem revealed that he had died from a chronic heart condition – and there were no signs of violence or resistance.

Mr Hadhoud, a critic of the government, died in a state-run psychiatric hospital in March but his body was not handed over to relatives until earlier last month.

His supporters said that he was subjected to ill-treatment by the police after what they described as his “forced disappearance”.


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